Core Committee

Under the Executive Board is a 33 person committee. CORE is responsible for a variety of things, ranging from videography, all the way to stage production. Below you will find each position on our CORE Committee, and the current students holding those positions.

Positions under Director of Marketing (Creative Team)

Graphic Designers (4): Casey Brill, Colleen Witkowski, Kyle Cernicky, Savannah Welsch
Contributes to the Marketing CORE Committee by working with the Directors of Marketing to execute and design merchandise, print, social media, and web graphics.
Photographers (3): Brandon Piller, Meghan Tranauskas, Natalie Runnerstrom
Photograph and capture Movin’ On’s Promotional Events, Battle of the Bands, and the festival itself. These individuals provide as needed support to the Directors of Marketing and Marketing CORE Committee by taking photos for social media, web, and promotional purposes.
Video Production Coordinators (3): Aakash Shewakaramani, Allison Cleary, Justin Shapiro
Videotapes all promotional events, Battle of the Bands, the Festival, and additional videos as needed. Has skills in filming, editing and producing video content.

Positions under Director of Marketing (Promotions Team)

Communications & Social Media Coordinator (1): Anita Nham
Requires a large amount of collaboration within Movin’ On, between the Directors of Marketing, the Events Coordinator, the Graphic Designer, Photographers, Videographer, and many more. Runs all Movin’ On social media accounts, while trying to reach and engage more students with each post.
DJ/Music Coordinator (1): Mike Rocci
The DJ/Music Coordinator will be bumping tunes at all Movin’ On events (ranging from promotional events around campus, Battle of the Bands, & the festival itself). This individual is always making friend’s new mix tapes, has live DJ experience, and is skilled at audio recording.
Event Coordinators (2): Dina Tennekoon and Jamila White
Works closely with the Directors of Marketing to organize promotional events around campus including Movin’ On Promotion Days, Merchandise Sales, and other Movin’ On events.
Merchandise Manager (1): Courtney Fox
Collaborates with the Directors of Marketing, the Executive Board, and the Graphic Designer to create merchandise for the Movin’ On Executive Board, Movin’ On CORE Committee and for the general public.
Promo Team Captains (2): Erica Cruz and Justin Gorsuch
The Promo Team Captains are in charge of managing and coordinating the efforts of a team of thirty plus individuals to help assist Movin’ On effectively market, staff and run promotional events, Battle of the Bands, and the festival itself.
Public Relations Coordinator (1): Madison Baer
Executes external communications with the general public up to and including the day of the festival. The Public Relations Coordinator is responsible for drafting press releases, as well as coordinating all press contacts the day of the festival.

Positions under Director of Operations & Logistics

Hospitality Coordinators (1): Deborah Coker
Makes arrangements to reserve hotel rooms for the bands, their crew members, and the stage, lighting, and sound company employees. Prepares shopping lists for supplies and food requested by the bands. Contacts band tour managers and agents to ensure both parties are up to date with travel plans, arrival times, parking space, and hotel reservations.
Operations Coordinators (2): Jeremy Fratoni and Tim Kunz
In charge of reserving trash receptacles, gloves, and other materials needed for the day of the festival.
Project Development Coordinator (1): Mimi Whesu
The Project Development Coordinator creates and incorporates initiatives throughout the year to bring to life at events leading up to and including the day of festival. This individual is responsible for both brainstorming and executing all activities and games at all Movin' On events and the day of the Movin' On.
Volunteer Coordinators (1): Aneri Bakshi
In charge of recruiting, organizing, and communicating with volunteers for the day of the festival.

Positions under Director of Production

Battle of the Bands Coordinators (2): Breanna Fair and Kim Beck
Create a thorough Battle of the Bands rulebook. Creates and collects student band applications. Setup and execute Battle of the Bands. Act as a liaison to the Battle of the Bands winners. Once Battle of the Bands is over, this chair will serve as an additional Hospitality chair.
Production Coordinators (4): Alex Freeman, Katie Formichella, Lyric Hamilton, and Tyler Horn
Makes arrangements with production companies. Serves as a liaisons between bands and the professional production staff. Ensures technical riders are satisfied.

Positions under Director of Sponsorship

Local Sponsorship Coordinators (3): Anna Lewis, Hannah Galpin, Patrick Droder
The Local Sponsorship Coordinators work to connect locally in State College with potential sponsors (marketing managers and local business owners) to Movin' On's immense student audience.
National Sponsorship Coordinator (1): Kirsten Reilly
The National Sponsorship Coordinators work to bring in national sponsors in both monetary and in-kind donations. These individuals reach out to larger corporations and meet with local representatives of these corporations to form partnerships to connect these corporations with Penn State students.