Where Are They Now: Lenina Crowne

Where Are They Now: Lenina Crowne

If you go to Penn State or live in State College, then you’ve probably heard of the band Lenina Crowne. They’re an indie-rock band that you can find at the Phyrst, Café 210, or The Darkhouse Tavern, playing a mix of high-energy originals and crowd-pleasing covers. In 2014, they had the opportunity to open for Movin’ On. Three years later, we’ve caught up with the band to see what they’re doing today!

1. What was it like opening up for Movin' On 2014?

It was pretty surreal for us. Thinking of some of the bands and artists who have performed at Movin' On over the years, it's unbelievable that we were able to be a small part of the history of such a cool local music festival. Playing at Movin' On was the biggest goal of our first year as a band and the memories from that day are still some of our best, three years later.

2. What was your favorite act or part of that year's festival?

We are all fans of Fitz and the Tantrums and seeing them play/watching them during soundcheck made us like them even more. You don't always know how bands or artists are when they aren't on stage performing, but meeting Fitz and seeing how he joked around on stage with the sound guy during sound check made us respect him more. It was cool because after our sound check one of the sound guys came over and mentioned that Fitz was asking who we were and that he liked our sound.

3. How was the performance different than your other gigs, such as when you performed at THON?

We love playing at THON as well as our weekly gigs around town, but Movin' On was a whole new experience for us. We mostly played covers for THON and our other weekly gigs and it was cool to have an opportunity to play just our music. The whole reason we do what we do is we love playing music. We love our music and playing our songs and it's awesome to see other people who enjoy it as much as we do. Also people are at Movin' On to listen and enjoy music and it felt like we stepped onto a stage with a receptive audience who was there to have a good time.

4. How has the band grown since the performance?

We have definitely grown and evolved a lot since Movin' On. We have gone through different band lineups and that has really evolved our sound. When we played Movin' on we had a folksy sound and that has developed into more of an indie rock feel. We have probably played close to 400 shows since Movin' On and that has really helped us to be play better together. I think when we played Movin' On it was a little intimidating because all the other bands and musicians are so good and we were all young inexperienced musicians and students/ recent grads at the time. Now I think we can confidently stand on stage and feel like we fit in and are professional musicians. We are going to be releasing our second EP soon and it's something we are really proud and excited about.

5. Do you have any advice for this year's Battle of the Bands winner?

At the time, it's easy to stress out about the show, but our advice would be to just enjoy the experience. It's funny because our time on stage was a blur, but we have tons of great memories from Movin' On, just hanging out, playing hacky sack backstage and watching the other acts of the day. It's important to take it seriously so that you have a good performance, but you also want to relax a bit and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime event.

6. How do you think Movin' On affects the State College music scene?

We think Movin' On has a huge positive effect on the State College music scene. It gives student bands an opportunity to put their music out there and play alongside some professional musicians. It's also inspiring to students and community members who are able to see some of their favorite artists performing so close to home.

7. Anything else you would like to share?

New EP Time coming out on May 18!

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