7 Questions with Zach Wade & the Good Grief

Zach Wade & the Good Grief

Zach Wade & the Good Grief will be opening for Movin’ On 2017 after winning the Battle of the Bands with their fun folk-filled performance. They will be opening the festival at 3:30 p.m. on the side stage. Until then, get to know the band!

1. How did the band form?

The band formed at its core about two years ago when Devin and Zach had a chance meeting through a mutual friend.

“About that time, Devin came into my living room and I haven’t been able to get rid of him since.”

Zach and Devin started retooling many of the songs that Zach had originally written. Soon, many others were added to the fold. At one point, the band was eight members strong, including a saxophone, ukulele, and hand drums. Through the course of time and many changes, the current band was formed out of the line-up. The newest member being Rogan, our drummer Keegan’s younger brother. As of July 2014, the four of us became the solid unit that has now been pushing things to the next level.

2. Where did the band name come from?

The band name itself comes from Zach and the experience he was having during these times. Although our front man and primary song writ, Zach is quite an introvert. The experience of having so much people around all the time and not just being his solo self was extremely stressful. However, he came to realize that part of this was pushing him to progress in music in a way he has never imagined. Thus, he was Zach and we were the grief that was making his life better – Zach Wade & the Good Grief.

3. What was your reaction like when you all found out that the band will be opening for Movin’ On 2017?

Honestly, we were extremely stoked! At the same time, we were kind of on a mission.We knew what was at stake and came ready to rock the house. We think there is a part of it that still hasn’t set in yet and might not until we are actually about to go on stage. But as Rogan says:

“We can only be what we are, man. No tricks, no smoke, no mirrors. It’s just us and what’s what are good at.”

4. How have you been preparing for the set?

Our usual rundown is two practice a week. During that time, we have some different combinations of the setlist, while also practicing some new tunes. We find its important to be at what we called “fightin weight,” so having the songs down and smooth transitions are a must. At the same time, you can get burnt out doing the same thing over and over again, so working on new music is a must. Also, we always make sure to have band meetings throughout the week. it keeps everyone in the loop and gives us time to relax. Be a little less business-oriented and a bit more beer-oriented.

5. What are you anticipating at this performance?

First and foremost, tons of dancing. We love to jam and usually are all over the stage while we play. So getting everyone up and grooving with us is by far the most heavily anticipated part. Another thing that has us pumped is how many people are going to get to see us that have never had the chance. Friends and fans who have never had the chance to make it to our shows have really set out to make this date. Oh, and Rogan is ripping a few furious guitar solos.

6. What are you most excited for at this year’s festival?

Love & Theft and Two Door Cinema Club are both bands we love. The opportunity to be around that level of talent is really exciting. Also, being on that giant stage should be pretty fun, too!

7. Anything else to add?

We are so pumped to rock Movin’ On and can’t wait to be up there getting down! We hope everyone comes out and gives us a listen. We promise not to disappoint!

Check out their music before the big event! You can find them on Facebook, Bandcamp or Soundcloud!