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Making Holiday Playlists and Checking Them Twice

December 16th, 2018: Happy Holidays!

Here we are again. December. The holiday music mousetrap- where inevitable yet wonderful sounds infiltrate just about everywhere far and wide. A sound that is in and of itself, a genre, manifested through decades of legends from every walk of life- a true representation of the holiday spirit.

There is no question that most of our prized holiday hits transpired in the mid 1900’s and continue to breathe through our radio stations today ~~ the only repeat-gift we don’t have to pretend we enjoy. For various reasons such as simplicity, reminiscence, and community, we as a human culture have preserved the anility of the anthems we worship. In support of these humble roots, a profound keynote of Holiday cheer was the opportunity to provide hope during any hardship that confronted our world. A popular example being Band Aid’s 1984 “Do They Know It’s Christmas”- a lighthearted Christmas ballad with a deep sentiment as it raised money for the famine in Ethiopia.


At the expense of adoration, classic holiday songs withstand every deviation in the music space. Let’s face it, these oldies are goodies- curated with warmth, optimism, and togetherness. Timeless messages of compassion and alliance.

BUT, here we are. December. “The carols that we sing”, the same yet… DIFFERENT? As multigenerational music streamers, we continue ritualizing Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” and Dean Martin’s “Let It Snow”. Nevertheless, as the streaming world continues ascending, so does the space and freedom for contemporary artists.

For some 100 years, this has been the most competitive grounds to create on, especially with the subjectivity of radio services. Be that as it may, recent trailblazers like Pentatonix, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, John Legend, etc. have turned a corner, and we love it! The all-embracing platforms of Spotify, Apple Music, etc. allow listeners to place-shift their consumption.

More and more, artists are blending soulful covers with an original craft, and has even gone as far as artist features- something not typically seen in traditional songs. From Bieber’s the upbeat version of “The Christmas Song” collab with Usher to The Pentatonix dynamic complication of “Mary did you know” the spectrum is changing, and the charm is ringing. It is a truly a transformative time for music from all ends, and it seems that the holidays are on board with it. Afterall, it will make for a longer sleigh ride together with you ☺

But wait, before you go! We want to hear from you! Which Holiday music helps you celebrate the season? Head on over to our Instagram story and tell us which throwback holiday singer (dead or alive) you would pair with one of todays Top 40 artists. We can not wait to hear what awesome collaborations you can come up with!